A Few Words About me

I’m dimitris Doutsiopoulos,
an event & commercial photographer with an international clientele, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

My portfolio includes a diverse collection of photographs, with a particular focus on tech conferences and corporate events all around the globe, as well as weddings, commercial projects and corporate filmmaking.

As a professional photographer I’ve collaborated with numerous international brands, companies and individuals, and have cultivated honest and lasting relationships. Building meaningful connections with my clients is one of my most important professional goals.

I view each project as a collaborative journey, an opportunity to turn concepts into captivating visual stories, striving to ensure that the end result will exceed expectations.

My primary objective is to continuously evolve as an artist and to infuse each one of my projects with the experience I’ve accumulated over the years and with my love for photography.

My Photography Approach

I draw inspiration mainly from the aesthetics of motion pictures, often seeking to emulate a cinematic feel, utilising shadows and highlights to create storytelling pictures.
Therefore, my central motto and perspective revolve around:

“Finding Ways to Create Atmospheric Scenes”

In conferences, corporate events and weddings

my goal is to offer my clients not only a form of memorabilia but also an artistic result that will be a meaningful emotional experience. Silhouettes, shadows, double exposures, gestures, dynamic perspectives, and reflections are part of my arsenal when covering an event.

In commercial photography & filmmaking that includes product, real estate and architectural assignments
I apply my core aesthetic values while adapting to the unique requirements of each project. This process involves a comprehensive understanding of the client’s vision and objectives, implemented with detailed discussion, planning, and coordination. Adaptability, creativity and technical expertise are pivotal to delivering a result tailored to the client’s needs.

My Passion is

undoubtedly, traveling and photoshooting around the globe.

Photography for me is a way of life and I deeply appreciate how it can dissolve any kind of borders and bridge cultural gaps, bring people closer and cultivate a profound respect for the incredible diversity that our planet offers.

Care to join me on this journey?